friday 5


  1. Who was the last child, unrelated to you, you personally had a conversation with? Depending on what age you consider a child--I teach high school so I do daily.  If they're older than you mean, one of my former students brought her children to school and I talked with the 2-year-old.
  2. Among things most children aren’t permitted to do, what should they be permitted to do? If there is a food that they detest, they should be able to get a pass on eating it.
  3. Some people say there are (generally) animal people and children people. Which are you? I suspect that I'm actually a children person but I would say I'm an animal person.
  4. Which children’s books do you remember enjoying most? I was a sucker for pop-up books!  Didn't matter the story.
  5. When did you last see koi in person? I don't remember

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Kimberly @ kimberussell.com said...

Popup books were so magical!