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I liked a lot about this book--its premise is amusing and the characters are funny and smart.  It's definitely not high literature but it's a fun and sassy read. Jane Morgan is an up-and-coming lawyer who suddenly finds herself in home confinement for six months. Her identical twin sister, Jackleen, is overbearing but loveable and tries to help Jane fill her days, spurring Jane to dabble in TikTok cooking fame.  The plot zings along with some rather outrageous turns, but it's good fun and well-written.

From the publisher:
Jane Morgan is a prominent and accomplished lawyer—that is she was, until her nosey neighbor got involved. After being spotted in the throes of some midnight passion on her Midtown building’s rooftop, Jane loses everything: her career, her social life, and the freedom to leave her apartment. To make matters worse, the elderly neighbor who reported her and who she has come to loathe winds up dead from an apparent poisoning—and in a last act of vengeance leaves behind a note implicating Jane as suspect number one.

With the help of her twin sister, Jackleen, a reticent felon named Perry, and a budding TikTok career, Jane just may be able to clear her name, restart her career, and find love—if she can ever leave the house again!

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