friday 5

  1. What’s something that recently required perseverance?
  2. it's been terribly humid recently--and it's been hard to stay focused when the classroom is stifling and stuffy
  3. What’s something that’s been unpleasantly persistent?
  4. this stupid cough
  5. When has practice not proven to make perfect?
  6. I'm really drawing a blank!
  7. Where were you last required to exercise patience?
  8. I teach high school. I exercise patience daily.
  9. How do you feel about peas?
  10. I love fresh peas! And uncooked peas.


onebadscrivener said...

Boy, few things are as annoying as a persistent cough. Hope you get over it soon, although it's been my experience that since I passed a certain age, I can usually count on the cough lasting much longer than whatever cold I've gotten over. Bleah.

Litsiren said...

Please do take care and get well soon! ♥