saturday 9

Mr. Boombastic

1) This song is a rather shameless come-on by an accomplished ladies' man. Do you enjoy flirting? I am awkward at flirting although I can be rather charming

2) Shaggy sings that he's like a turtle coming out of his shell. Do you think turtles, snakes and lizards make good pets? Or would you prefer a companion animal that has fur or feathers? my companion animal would have hair or fur, depending on the breed

3) He also sings that if you don't feel like driving, you should hand him the keys. Are you comfortable letting others drive your car? no

4) He tries to woo the girl with the promise of a bubble bath. Do you enjoy relaxing in the tub? Or do you view baths and showers as simply part of your hygiene routine, like brushing your teeth? I love soaking in the tub

5) Born Orville Burrell, Shaggy took his stage name from his shaggy hair. Using your hair as inspiration, what would your stage name be? Crazy Bedhead

6) Sam admits she hadn't thought about this 20+ year old song in years, until she heard it on a Chase Bank commercial. According to the Federal Reserve Bank, checkwriting dropped more than 50% between 2000 and 2010. Who received the last check you wrote? my monthly rent check

7) Which would you prefer to receive in a birthday card: a $25 check or a $20 Target gift card? I wouldn't mind either

8) Sam's mother refuses to pay bills online. All the news stories about data breaches scare her. Have you ever been hacked? If so, did it take long to get the situation resolved? it took less than 24 hours to be resolved

9) In 1995, when this song was popular, Michael Jordan "unretired" and returned to the Chicago Bulls. Tell us about a decision you made that you wish you could undo. I would undo a couple of impulsive, recent incidental purchases


CountryDew said...

Crazy Bedhead has possibilities as a band name. I say go for it.

The Gal Herself said...

Buyer's remorse ... Been there, done that. I bet that could be the subject of an entire meme!

I am Harriet said...

I too have felt the pain of that remorse. Often, I snap out of it when the item arrives :)

Stacy said...

Amen on the buyer's remorse. I wonder why we give in to the temptation so often when we know the purchase really isn't a good idea?

Litsiren said...

Me too, very bad at flirting :D