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June 13: What's in your purse/wallet/pocket?

Today I have my Nook (in the pink cover) and its cord, I'm using my iPhone to take the picture but it would be in there--the charging cord, my passport (in the red cover), glasses case, three small packets of tissues, a small hand sanitizer, a comb, calendar, wallet, little green notebook, three sets of keys, two pens, two tins of mini-altoids, and a lens cloth.


Paula said...

That must be a pretty good size bag to hold all that....I gave up purses and only carry my wristlet

Mevely317 said...

You're so neat, Kwiz!
It never fails to amaze me the things (ie, junk) I find when I stop to clean out my own purse. Probably need to do so more than every few months, eh? :)

Unknown said...

Mevely317 is right. Your purse is very tidy. I'm sure mine would have receipts or wrappers in there, as well as the electronics and "necessities."

Lisa G said...

Do you carry your passport all the time? You live on the border with Canada--is that why? Just curious :)