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June 14: Something you are looking forward to.

This afternoon is my god-daughter's baby shower. Around this time a year ago was her bridal shower. I am thrilled for her, she is going to be a great mother--and her husband will be a doting father. Plus, it's always nice when family and friends can gather for a celebration. My sister, the soon-to-be grandmother, is over the moon and has been planning this party for months. Her excitement is infectious. Of course I knit a blanket. But I'll be whipping up some hats as we get closer to the arrival.

I'm also looking forward to the last day of school. That's on Wednesday. I have a massage scheduled for the afternoon.

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Paula said...

You guys go to school for a long time. Mine have been out since April 30 which seems ridiculous to me. And they don't go back until September 2. But it's all the dang construction our district is doing. A massage on the last day of school sounds like a great idea