dream job

Day 19, Monday: Dream job?

I haven't figured out what my dream job is, yet. I know it will involve teenagers. I get so much energy from teenagers I'm surrounded by all day. And I have a healthy respect for that stage in life. It is hard for them to know everything and not be able to apply what they know. (ok, that was partially sarcastic) Anyhoodle, I like teaching but I'm not fulfilled by it. I think sometimes about getting a Master's degree in Guidance and going into that aspect of school. Or I also think I would be a very good therapist. The thought of going back to school fills me with dread. I'm not driven by passion for any particular change in direction and I have enough change in my present career that I am not getting stale.

That was a very long way of saying: I don't know.


Paula said...

That is how I always felt about nursing. Until I was forced to retire early. I don't want to go back to nursing. If, when the time comes, I need to work again, I am not sure what I will do...

Corinne said...

Passion makes all the difference, doesn't it?