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• Question: Which is more important when you read — the actual story or the characters? I’ve read books with great plots, but two-dimensional characters, and I’ve read multi-layered characters stuck in clunky stories, and I’m sure you have, too. So which would you rather focus on, if you couldn’t have both? {source}

Although I like plot-driven stories, if the characters stink I won't enjoy the story. On the other hand, if there are great characters not doing anything interesting, well, even great characters can't save my focus. So, ok, if I had to choose, I say I prefer plot over characters.


Unknown said...

I think I agree with you. If the plot is boring, it won't keep me engaged.

Mevely317 said...

In the past I'd instinctively vote for the "plot." But events of the last few years just serve to remind me how darn short life is ... and for that reason, if I'm not engaged by the third chapter, I won't waste my time.