ten things tuesday...

Last week I focused on things that annoy me during the holidays. So this week I'm focusing on things that give me great cheer during the holidays.

1) Lights and decorations. It's festive.

2) Holiday food. Especially made in fun and festive shapes. Or things that are just made and served during this time of year.

3) Friendly faces. Seeing people that I don't usually see during the year. Greeting people at the markets. Clerks and cashiers that are friendly.

4) Music. I adore Christmas music. I've been listening to it since Halloween. It's happy, happy music.

5) Buying presents. I love finding just the right thing for just the right person.

6) Getting presents. Let's be honest, who doesn't like getting presents. Fortunately, people in my life aren't overly extravagant so things are practical.

7) Wrapping presents. With my OCD and need for perfection, I go over the top with my package presentations. It's fun. Especially because I play holiday movies while I wrap.

8) Getting together with my family. It's always awesome to get together with them but during the holidays it's extra festive. I especially like the holiday sing-along.

9) Vacation.

10) Smells. I love the scents of the holidays--cookies, trees, cinnamon.

Bonus: 11) Mistletoe.

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The Gal Herself said...

Love your list! I'm with you on the Christmas music. It's so much more eclectic now than when I was growing up. I have "Zat You, Santa Claus?" on right now!