christmas meme 6

Christmas At My House…(one or the other)

1. Tree is fake/real? fake

2. Tree is under/above 4′? my actual tree is taller, the fiber optic one is shorter

3. Open presents Christmas Eve/Day? day

4. House/entire yard is decorated? no

5. Amount of presents under the tree? none

6. Snowman is a male/female? male

7. Go for Santa/Jesus? Santa

8. Homemade/delivered/takeout Christmas dinner? we might be going out, I don't know what we're doing this year

9. Bedtime is before/after midnight? whenever I feel like it

10. Wake-up is before/after 7am? after

11. Go/don’t go to church on Christmas? don't go

12. Do shopping before/after Thanksgiving? I start when I find things for people

13. Low-key/over the top decorations (inside and out)? minimal

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