christmas meme 5

Holiday Yay or.. Ugh
1. Holiday shopping? yay

2. Icy roads? ugh

3. Limited driving visibility? double ugh

4. Christmas carolers. yay

5. Mall Santas? yay

6. Salvation Army Santas? yay

7. Blizzards? yay

8. 24/7 Holiday radio? yay

9. Freezing cold? ugh

10. Setting up the tree? ugh

11. Wrapping presents? yay

12. Visiting/seeing family? yay

13. Ad-Lib on “Rudolph…” (like Monopoly!) ugh

14. Free mint red/white candy? yay

15. Belief in Santa Claus? yayayayay

16. Chocolate countdown calendar? Does nobody know the word “advent” anymore? ugh

17. Peeking at your gifts (or by accident)? ugh

18. Making out with Santa under the mistletoe? ugh

19. Decorated houses? yay

20. Extreme decorated houses? yay

21. White Christmas morning? yay

22. Searching for ornaments in the attic? ugh

23. Santa knowing when you’re sleeping and awake? ugh

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