joe... java??

The Coffee Science Information Centre

Coffee has been a primary staple of the world for over a thousand years. Johann Sebastian Bach described the drink as "lovelier than a thousand kisses;" others have termed it the 'devil's brew.' In an effort to address "consumer awareness of diet-related health issues," the Coffee Science Information Centre is dedicated to providing "accurate, balanced and consistent information to all audiences across Europe who have an interest in coffee, caffeine and health." (Naturally, the information pertinent in Europe is valid for the rest of the world.) COSIC provides access to a variety of published scientific data on medical conditions that have been associated with the consumption of this beverage. The site does not address the unsubstantiated links between coffee and health giving the visitor only factual and validated information. Here's the perfect site for you coffee lovers to get the real scoop on the 'liquid kiss' or 'devil's brew,' as the case may be!

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MommaBoo said...

I'm forwarding this to my sissy!

I believe she's addicted. Even she does!

Case in point, no trip with her is complete without a trip to Starbucks(r).