Sibling Survey


do you have any siblings? yes
how many? 3
brothers or sisters? sisters
older or younger? all older
older/younger by how many years? we are 2 years apart


on a scale of 1-10, how much do they drive you nuts? 3
have you ever considered decking them one good? yes
what do they do that makes you crazy? push my buttons
would you rather they be polar opposites or your clone? doesn't matter
have they ever stolen a bf/gf from you? no
how did you react to that? no
have you ever puposely witheld advice from them? yes
do you like their friends? mostly
are you jealous of them? why/whynot? no

if you're OLDER

if you're YOUNGER

do you purposely piss off your siblings? no
do you take advice from them? not so much
do you look up to them? I used to
do you wanna be just like them? no, never
why/why not? I am me
do you like it when they get busted when you're arguing? yes
are you super-generous to them regardless of how ungernerous they are back? yes
have you ever had a thing for their gf/bfs? no
do you like their friends? yes
do or did they help you with your homework? not so much
do you LET them? I would have
are you guys tight? very
do you say good things about ur siblings? yes
would you take a bullet for your sibling? yes


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I'm gonna take this on my blog.