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Man Chopped in Half Learns to Walk Again

In 1995, Peng Sholin was chopped in half.

Unfortunately, it was no magic act and no "abracadabra" could undo what had happened: On that fateful day a dozen years ago, a collision with a truck ripped the poor man's torso apart from his lower body.

After the devastating accident, more than 20 doctors worked around the clock for months to keep Sholin's vital organs from failing; miraculously, he survived. But even after his life was no longer in immediate danger, one sad fact was clearly evident: He would never walk again.

Turns out, this tough survivor from China is proving everyone wrong. After more than a decade spent in bed, Sholin is finally learning to stand on his own two feet again.

Well, not his feet, exactly: As advanced as modern medicine is, spontaneous limb regeneration is still quite a ways in the future. But thanks to the innovative doctors at the China Rehabilitation Center in Beijing, today, Sholin has new legs to stand on: They've created a unique contraption that attaches to his torso, including a pair of bionic legs and feet. With the aid of a rolling walker, Sholin is now able to walk slowly through the halls of the rehabilitation center.

He may not be as speedy (or as tall) as he used to be. But from looking at his beaming face as he takes his first steps in more than a decade, something tells us that doesn't bother Sholin one bit.

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MommaBoo said...

Wow! What an amazing, admirable man!

And I complain be I have a sniffle.....