saturday 8

1. do you have an exercise routine currently? no

2. what's the most amount of money per month that you would pay for a gym? $35/month

3. have you ever been unable to exercise, for instance, due to an injury, lack of funds or time, etc.? currently, I am unable to use machines or do anything that is "pounding" to the joints... due to costochondritis.

4. have you ever had a friend or family member that exercised TOO much, to the point that they were anorexic (or very, very close)? I have a friend who exercised a couple of hours per day to enable herself to eat what she wanted. I thought it was a bit extreme and obsessive/compulsive

5. have you ever exercised too much, to the point where it was unhealthy? nope

6. have you ever had a negative experience at a gym (with other patrons, equipment, trainer) or with the gym themselves (billing, closings, etc.)? as a matter of fact, yes! There was a new fitness place in town and I decided to buy a membership--about a month or so into using the equipment as my trainer explained and following the routine that had been set up for me I heard some college-age guys in the free-weights area of the center watching my reflection as I was on the rowing machine and with each extension, they mooed or grunted like pigs. I was horrified, humiliated, mortified... you name it, I was it. The next day I spoke with the owner of the facility and got a refund for my membership.

7. one form of exercise that seems bizarre to me is spinning as i cannot understand sitting on a stationary bike for an hour with some little skinny bitch screaming at you from HER stationary bike. what form of exercise do you not 'get' or would never try because it seems too weird to you? Ohh, what's it called... well, without google-ing, it's yoga in hot temperatures. That seems too ... I donno, too. I never really understood Tae-Bo, either. Or the jumping-punching stuff.

8. if you had two free, dedicated hours each day to do something athletic that would NOT take away from work, friends, or family time, and the unlimited funds to do it, what type of exercise would you do daily? lipo, by the way, does not count... ;) It would be fun to get all my friends together to do a Richards Simmons-a-thon. His videos really crack me up. I can imagine us all together Disco dancing or sweating to the olides.

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L. G. said...

I'm really sorry to hear about those jerks at the gym. I always seem to get the opposite - the guys who stare and 'adjust' themselves. Creepy. And what jerks! I would have accosted them verbally and then had them thrown out (but I'm very confrontational like that). I still cannot believe that ... it's such disgusting behaviour.

The yoga you described is called bikram yoga. I agree - I would never do it. I think I would throw up ... a lot!