the saturday special

~If You Could Only...You Would...~
Life always has it's ups and downs and is sometimes disappointing, but on we dream and wish, "if I could only"..~Toni ©~

1. If you could only choose any place on earth to live..you would?:
2. If you could only buy anything you ever wanted..you would:
3. If you could only do whatever your heart desires..you would?:
4. If you could only write a great novel about (any genre)...you would:

1. Ireland. Or... someplace that has moderate temperatures without harsh winters or hot, humid summers.

2. Oh, I donno... probably a new computer or a car.

3. Have a heart that has desires.

4. I would prefer writing non-fiction... but I suppose I could fictionalize my life. There are so many moments that make my friends say, "it couldn't have happened to anyone else."


LadyT said...

Happy Saturday,

Good answers to the SS. Ireland is such a pretty country, not the tourist areas but the quiet still quaint countryside. Have a great week ahead. :)

unedited-life said...

Hey, I'm feeling the non-fiction memoirs..." it couldn't happened to anyone else".

Hope you had a great weekend!