friday five

The Short And Long Of It

1. What’s a favorite shortcut of yours? When making smoothies, I like to add a tablespoon of instant pudding to thicken it without adding too many calories/fat.

2. What’s something you insist on doing the long way? I write a lot of notes for class, book notes and most of the projects I come up with, long hand... on legal pads of paper.

3. What does your favorite pair of shorts look like? I'm not much of a shorts wearer. I have one pair of multi-blue madras. I prefer knee-length skirts and skorts.

4. Excluding classical music, what’s the longest song in your iTunes? since I don't use iTunes, I checked my MP3 player and the longest songs are a couple of jazz jams by Wynton Marsalis and a couple of Yes songs.

5. What’s the title of a short story you really like? I actually love Stephen King's short stories--"Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption" and "The Body"--from Different Seasons and "Sometimes They Come Back" and "Children of the Corn" from Night Shift are standouts.

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Cat. said...

"Sometimes They Come Back"...I know I've read it, I'm getting shivers thinking about it, but I seem to have developed amnesia about it. Probably good, eh? :-)