Halloween Eve

I love Halloween. I think there's something in me that has always resonated with the pagan aspects of this holiday. Maybe it's my birthday being so close but I've felt as though it is my day. I love the ritual of getting dressed up and roaming through the streets at night, especially when I was younger. It was such a thrill to walk through the neighborhood after dark, even when "after dark" is five o'clock. It isn't so much about the candy because I didn't get much of the good kind that I really liked, it is more about the journey.

I remember my older sisters having to take me trick-or-treating and how they were patient and it was such a fun time. I remember going to Halloween parties sponsored by the Lion's Club where they would have costume contests and my sisters and I frequently won. I am glad I grew up when things were still fairly innocent--we didn't have to worry much about what kinds of tainted goodies would be in our sacks; neighbors regularly gave out cookies or homemade popcorn balls or caramel apples. It was safe and free. I don't remember it being overly cold or rainy or windy or anything like that, either. Funny how memory plays tricks on us. Tricks or treats, eh?

Tonight I wrote out a whole slew of Halloween Greetings for my friends. It was fun to sit and think of them personally and to craft individual cards for their personalities. Artsy-craftsy stuff like that is theraputic for me. I'm excited to see their faces when they open their cards. I hope the kids aren't tooooooo wound up tomorrow--or that they crash too hard Wednesday.

What if this is as good as it gets?

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Princess LadyBug said...

My favorite memories of Halloween are of taking my baby brother trick or treating. He was always so sure that I would protect him from every danger even though I was not quite four years older than him. Woven into those memories are also the Fall Carnivals every year at church. The fun of changing into our costumes right after church and racing to join the fun. I have to say that I miss those days.

Happy Halloween! May all your tricks turn into sweet treats! :)