challenge day 19

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April 19th:   If you could have any historical figure as your neighbor, who would it be and why?

I considered Benjamin Franklin but knowing he's a man about town, it might be too much commotion and coming and going all day and night.

I considered Henry David Thoreau thinking he'd be fascinating to talk to, but he's a rabble-rouser and I don't know if I want that right next door.

Thinking of Thoreau got me thinking of Ralph Waldo Emerson and how thoughtful his writings are. He might be a good neighbor. But wait!

Why do I automatically think of male historical figures? Why not an influential woman from the Transcendental movement???

So, my final answer: Elizabeth Palmer Peabody! She was key in the Transcendental movement and opened a bookstore hosting intellectuals and leading lively discussions. She also opened the first English-language kindergarten in the United States. My neighbor is a bookstore owner and teacher. That's perfect!

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