three on thursday

Three ways 2024 is not off to a good start:
Way one: my apartment was without hot water from Saturday-Monday afternoon.  Because of the holiday weekend, they couldn't get the repairs completed.  So Monday rolled around and I was desperate for a shower--luckily I went to my local sister's place at 5 o'clock and was able to do what I needed to do before school.

Way two: Monday afternoon I took my car in for an oil change and tire rotation.  The service manager gently broke it to me that I needed to replace a tire.  Fortunately, the bulge didn't rupture while I was on my road trip!

Way three:  Upon returning home Monday afternoon the postman delivered a certified letter to me with a 30-day eviction notice.  Everyone in my building received one.  What a shitty thing to do on January 2.  And even shittier in the midst of winter in Maine.  He is raising the rent considerably.  I have lived half my life in this apartment.


The Gal Herself said...

Oh no! This all just sounds so cruel! Can you negotiate with the landlord at all?

I am so sorry this is happening to you, Ms. Kwiz.

CountryDew said...

Oh crap. I am sorry about the eviction notice. What a horrible thing to do.