saturday 9

This Could Be The Start of Something

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) We're beginning the year with an optimistic song about starting something new. Right now, are you feeling positive about 2024? This has been the roughest start to a year I've ever had.  I am so overwhelmed I don't know how I feel.
2) In this song, Jack Jones sings that because he's on a diet he declines a rich dessert. Are you trying to lose a few pounds after the holidays? no

3) The specific dessert referred to is a Charlotte Russe, a cake made with custard, fruit, cream, whiskey and gelatin. Preparation sounds like a great deal of work! What's the most recent dish you whipped up in your kitchen?  I spread refried beans on small tortillas, covered with shredded chicken and cheese, baked until the cheese melted, then covered it with shredded lettuce and enjoyed with salsa and sour cream that I mixed together

4) The lyrics contrast dining at Sardi's in New York with sunbathing in Malibu. Do you enjoy nightlife or are you more outdoorsy? I'm neither--I like early nights and I'm outsidy in that I like to sit on the porch and read

5) This week's song was written by Steve Allen. While best known for his work on TV (he was the first host of The Tonight Show), he was also a composer who felt most creative at the piano. When do you feel most creative? sometimes when I'm lesson planning I'll come up with an inspired idea
6) This week's artist, Jack Jones, won a pair of Grammy Awards and has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Yet he's probably best known for singing the song that welcomed travelers aboard The Love Boat every week. What TV theme song can you sing along with? Green Acres, Beverly Hillbillies, The Brady Bunch, Love Boat, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, The Greatest American Hero, Friends, Mr. Roger's Neighborhood, Zoom, ... I could go on and on, this is my wheelhouse
7) In 1959, when this song was popular, "continuing dramas" (aka soap operas) like Young Dr. Malone and Ma Perkins were broadcast daily on the radio. When you turn on the radio, do you listen for news, talk or music? music

8) Now let's turn the calendar and our attention from 1959 to 2024. Is there a skill you're looking forward to learning, or improving, this year? remaining calm in stressful situations

9) Have you purchased anything on impulse yet this year? a new tire, it was an unexpected and unintended purchase


songbird's crazy world said...

Yeah, I can sing along to most of those themes, too

Lori said...

I am glad you feel the same way about lesson planning. It really can be a creative outlet coming up with ways to teach a topic.
It really has been a rough start to the year. I hope it gets better. Loved your answers! Have a nice weekend. ♥


CountryDew said...

I hope your year gets better. I am so sorry you're having such a rough time.

Stacy said...

Your wheelhouse is apparently my wheelhouse, too. I'm betting you sound way better than I do, though.

I hope whatever is overwhelming you clears up soon and the year gets better for you.