ten things tuesday

Ten “R” things.

1. Someone I love:  Rachel, my niece

2. Something I like to eat: Reese's cups

3. A color:  raspberry

4. A good movie:  
Rear Window

5. A place I’ve been:  Rotterdam, the Netherlands

6. A thing I really don’t like: reply all emails

7. A critter I like: red fox

8. Something I can do:  read

9. Something I can’t/don’t do:  run

10. Something I wish for:  retirement

1 comment:

The Gal Herself said...

Another R: The nurse in Rear Window is played by Thelma RITTER, the awesome supporting actress who makes every movie she's in better. Thelma has a bit of a cult following among us classic movie nerds because she's also so original and good.