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Autumn Questions

1. Are there any fall-specific hobbies or crafts you enjoy pursuing? I like taking leisurely drives to admire the foliage
2. Do you have any favorite fall-inspired recipes you like to cook or bake? not really, although I tend to want soup
3. Are you a fan of Halloween? If so, what's been your favorite costume? I am a fan--my favorite costume was a nun's habit costume from the musical Nunsense
4.  Do you have any childhood memories related to the autumn season? my birthday is close to Halloween and I always had costume birthday parties as a kid
5.  What kind of outdoor activities do you enjoy during the autumn months? I occasionally will hike the local trails
6. Do you look forward to 'sweata weatha'? What is your favorite go-to outfit for Fall? yes!  Bring on Sweata weatha!  My go-to is a light cardigan with a colorful top
7. Are you a fan of pumpkin or apple flavored treats or beverages? I prefer apple to pumpkin
8. Which fall scents do you find most appealing? there is a wonderful Yankee Candle called Autumn Wreath that is one of my favorite scents
9. Do you like to visit apple orchards or pumpkin patches or corn mazes? not particularly
10. Have you ever participated in or attended a fall festival or harvest fair? yes
11. What's your favorite thing about autumn? the colors
12. Are you more of a cider or hot chocolate person when it comes to fall beverages? I love both
13. What's your ideal way to spend a crisp autumn evening? last week I went to a bonfire, it was perfect
14. Do you like to dress up for Halloween? What's your favorite costume or what costume do you plan for this year? Do you like to make your own costume? I found a Mary Poppins costume that I might invest in
15. Are you a football fan? What's your favorite team? not especially


Plastic Mancunian said...

Yes - the autumn colours are lovely aren't they?




Roger Owen Green said...

I have seen Nunsense and Sister Act productions, but I've never gotten into the habit...

Lisa said...

If you dress as Mary Poppins, please post a picture for all of us to see!

Twindaddy said...

#1 - I've been doing that a lot recently. There's something about just cruising the country with the music blaring that calms me.

Bev Sykes said...

I wish we had wonderful foliage here in the vall.

CountryDew said...

The colors really are the best thing about the season.

Plastic Mancunian said...

Autumn and winter are definitley soup seasons.

Autumn colours are beautiful aren't they?