saturday 9

Spooky Scary Skeletons

1) In this song, Andrew Gold sings that these skeletons send shivers down his spine. Do you often involuntarily shudder or shiver? not too often
2) While they appear frightening, these skeletons are harmless and only want to socialize with us mortals. Can you think of something -- or someone -- that intimidated you at first but that you were more comfortable with as you became more familiar? I was not a fan of the principal until I got to know that we have different communication styles--now I think she's great!

3) The video for this song was originally created in 1929. Skeleton Dance was a short movie produced and directed by Walt Disney himself. In 2006, Disney Studios paired Gold's song with this animation for a Halloween DVD. Do you have any DVDs that you watch seasonally (every Halloween, every Thanksgiving, every Christmas, etc.)? I always watch Planes, Trains, and Automobiles on Thanksgiving and When Harry Met Sally on New Year's Eve or Day
4) You may not realize it, but you likely already know one of Andrew Gold's songs. He wrote "Thank You for Being a Friend," the theme to TV's Golden Girls. Blanche, Dorothy, Rose or Sophia: Which is your favorite? Dorothy

These questions will help us get into the Halloween spirit ....

5) Introduced in the 1880s, candy corn was originally called Chicken Feed. It was developed by a candy manufacturer who gave it the orange/white color and special name to differentiate it from jelly beans. Do you like candy corn (a) all year around or (b) at Halloween only or (c) never? I'm one of the rare people with no strong feelings about it

6) What candy will trick-or-treaters get when they show up at your front door? I don't get trick-or-treaters but I am always prepared!  This year it will be Snickers or Reese's Cups fun sizes
7) Halloween was a 1978 movie by John Carpenter about Michael Myers, who kills while wearing a ghostly mask. In the original movie, the mask used was a $2 Captain Kirk mask, painted white. Both Halloween and Star Trek are successful franchises of more than a dozen movies. Have you seen more of Michael Myers or Captain Kirk? I don't remember seeing either, but I know I did in high school

8) In 2022, a survey of California schoolchildren revealed that Buzz Lightyear was the top pick of Halloween costume. When you were little, did you prefer to dress up for Halloween as a hero, like Buzz, or a scary monster? with theater parents, we always had the best costumes and makeup--I never had a store-bought costume
9) Some long-time White House employees claim they have seen Abraham Lincoln's ghost wandering the halls of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Have you ever seen a ghost? no


Susan said...

You have some good candies to give out. I love chocolate! I like Dorothy too.

Stacy said...

With creative parents I bet you did have some awesome costumes!

Diana_CT said...

#3 When I visit my brother children on holidays, there is only one thing on TV. It is SPORTS. I would say football but they watch a soccer game once.
#5 Ditto, I’m not a fan of Thanksgiving candy… now Halloween candy is a different story.

The Gal Herself said...

I'm glad you and the principal worked it out! I love stories like that.

songbird's crazy world said...

Theater people …costumes …I’m jealous.

Bev Sykes said...

#6 -- that's what we will be buying, and hoping nobody comes trick or treating!

CountryDew said...

I have to go to the grocery store Monday. I will probably pick up a small bag of something "just in case" even though we've never once had a trick-or-treater.

Kim said...

I'm torn between Dorothy and Rose. I love them both!