ten things tuesday

Ten things in no particular order. 

1) I need to call Expedia about my luggage. I ended up getting charged for the suitcase even though I already had paid for it. 

2)  I fly back to Maine Friday night. But I have a late arrival so I’m staying at a hotel. 

3)  I can’t believe my time has flown by so quickly!  But this is my third week. 

4)  My sister has been knitting a sweater and should be done soon. I’ve knit a pile of dishcloths. My favorite mindless knitting. 

5)  I’m preparing to go to central Maine on Monday for a two day Department of Education workshop to revise the learning results for social studies. It’s a great opportunity to collaborate with other teachers from around the state. 

6)  I have to register my car. (Adding to this post so I don’t forget)

7)  I’m supposed to meet with my Breakfast Club friends Saturday, I hope we can reschedule for Sunday. 

8) I’ve been texting with my Virginia nieces. I need to more often. I miss them. 

9)  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get to Pennsylvania to visit my sister.  But we’ve FaceTime chatted a few times. 


The daily Gus!


Stacy said...

Even on vacation you are busy! I hope you're having a grand time.

Me, Myself, and I said...

Something about being with family...glad you've had such a great trip. Love Gus!