saturday 9


1) In this song, Shawn Mendes pleads with the girl he loves to be careful with his heart. Clearly he feels she's more important to him than he is to her. Do you believe that, in every relationship, someone always loves more? I think it’s always a shift. 

2) He says that he'd willingly drive through the night just to be near her. Do you enjoy your time behind the wheel? Or do you consider driving necessary but not necessarily pleasurable? I love driving
3) He acknowledges that she has good intentions, but she hurt him anyway. Can you think of a time when you unintentionally hurt someone's feelings? I think I do with my frankness, I don’t suffer fools 
4) Shawn Mendes was a serious skateboarder during his high school years. Crazy Sam admits she's never even been on a skateboard. How about you? Are you more like Shawn or Sam, or are you somewhere in between? When the craze began, I attempted it but didn’t love it 

5) While in his teens, he taught himself to play guitar while watching YouTube videos. Do you spend a lot of time on YouTube? If yes, what type of videos do you watch most often? I watch a lot of tutorials—most recently how to use my Pampered Chef ice cream machine 

6) When he's traveling or busy working, Shawn eats cold cereal for every meal -- breakfast, lunch and dinner. He says it's fast, tasty, and better than the fast food he'd grab otherwise. Will you be getting any meals "to go" this weekend? I’m still in Virginia visiting my sister, we’re going to a community fish fry tonight, if the kettle drum band isn’t there, we’ll take it to go
7) In 2016, the year this song was popular, Game of Thrones was TV's hottest show. Were you a fan? I’ve never seen it
8) Also in 2016, a German shorthaired pointer won Best in Show at the Westminster Dog Show. Tell us about a dog who holds a special place in your heart. Gus is my latest furry companion. He’s a big boy. 

9) Random question: What's the subject line of the top email in your spam folder? I don’t have any spam in the folder, I deleted it yesterday 


Diana_CT said...

#5 I also have an ice cream maker, we need to swap recipes!
#8 My brother & sister-in-law just got a new rescue senior dog, a golden lab who’s more grey than golden.

Stacy said...

Yay! Someone else has never watched a single episode of Game of Thrones. Not even Jason Momoa tempted me.
I am currently trying to talk myself out of getting another dog. It's a puppy now but it is going to be a BIG dog.

The Gal Herself said...

Thank you for meme-ing from vacation. I like to think Gus was nearby when you answered these.