finished reading

The book spans 1900-1977 and follows three generations. Masterful storytelling. The length of the saga is daunting—700+ pages clocking in at over 31 hours. The narrative thread is not always linear, there are chapters that tell the happenings of a time from multiple characters’ experiences. It would make an excellent book club selection with themes of loyalty, honor, family bonds, class, and so many more. 

I think it could have been more satisfying if it was shorter or there were fewer subplots. There were moments I didn’t think I could continue, it was so minutely detailed. 

From the publisher:
She is twelve years old, and she will be married in the morning. Mother and daughter lie on the mat, their wer cheeks glued together. “The saddest day of a girl’s life is the day of her wedding,” her mother says. “After that, God willing, it gets better.”  And so begins the sweeping novel. 

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