friday 5


  1. What shortcuts do you frequently take? I use keyboard shortcuts all the time
  2. How do you make up for one of your shortcomings? overcompensating
  3. What does your favorite pair of shorts look like? rolled-cuff Levi's
  4. What was meant to be short-term but lasted much longer than planned? my teaching job was a one-year position and I'm heading into year 26
  5. Which short films do you especially like? Pixar shorts


onebadscrivener said...

My teaching job was meant to be a lifetime commitment. I've been away from the classroom now ten years. </3

Miss it every day but I'm glad you're still at it!

**Syl said...

26 years!! Well done!!!

It's good to hear there are still people in long term jobs.

Enjoy your weekend!