time in tampa take two

Reading the exams from 8-5 every day was exhausting.  I won't lie.  But I loved every minute of it.  The team was made up of 7 other readers plus a table leader.  From all around the country.  My West Coast friends were battling the time change for the first few days.  We were a variety of ages, genders, and career experiences.  Public schools, private schools, and charter schools.  And we all got along!  The camaraderie and professional discussions were exciting.  Where else do I have an opportunity to discuss best practices with colleagues who teach the same subject I do?

My table leader, Brent, was excellent!  He gave relevant feedback and encouragement.  He was attentive and responsive.  I appreciated how he mentored the new readers.  When we had questions, he was quick to answer or to find the answer.  I bet his students love him.  I know I would be quite interested in taking a class he taught.

I'll admit I spent most evenings hanging out at the hotel.  The evening events weren't as inviting as last year's.  Mostly they were "open forums" that allowed people to gripe about the food at the Convention Center.  That gets old.  Next year I'll go to Ybor and do some exploring.  There was an opportunity to go to an MLB game; I didn't act fast enough to get in on that.  

Next year I will remember to pack lightweight gloves--my hands froze.  I'm not used to being in blasting air-conditioned environments and it was mighty cold.  At least I remembered to wear pants--I didn't even pack shorts or dresses this year.  And I was glad I had layers.  Next year I'll pack a sweat jacket that I can leave at the testing site overnight, then I won't be hauling clothing.  Because it was hot and humid outdoors!  In the upper 80s and low 90s daily.

To be continued...

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The Gal Herself said...

I spent four days at the TCM Film Festival COLD! What's with this passion for full blast air conditioning? Shouldn't we be more thoughtful of our about our planet in peril -- and our own comfort?

The Rays are having a miracle season. I'm not surprised those tickets went fast!

Most of all, I'm glad you had such a satisfying time among your tribe.