ten things tuesday

The best gadgets from the past five years...  (these items probably existed a lot longer but they're new to me in the past five years)

1)  Roku.  I love streaming what I want when I want.

2)  iPhone 11.  This is my favorite phone and I hate thinking of upgrading.

3)  Alexa.  Very handy device--she tells me the weather and is my alarm clock, and plays great music!

4)  iPad mini.  I got this for travel purposes--so I can entertain myself by streaming stuff or reading or listening to audiobooks.

5)  Kindle.  The ability to read library books is convenient.  I love my Nook but this feature of the Kindle is just too good to pass up.

6)  Smooth-edge can opener by Pampered Chef.  It took me a couple of tries to get the hang of using it.

7)  SodaStream.  I love sparkling water.

8)  Iced coffee press.  I need to use it regularly.  It was so helpful during Covid isolation.

9)  Circadian Optics Light Therapy Lamp.  A mouthful but it helps keep the winter blues tamed.

10) 30-Second Dance Party.  I get even the most reluctant students to tap their toes for thirty seconds.

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