ten things tuesday

Ten coolest celebrities.  

1)  Kathy Bates.  What range!  I especially enjoyed Harry's Law.

2)  Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson.  I'm putting them down together because I like them as a couple.  I enjoy his storytelling and her music.

3)  Cher.  I've been fascinated with her since I was a little girl flinging my long hair the way she would fling her hair.  "I've got you, Babe."

4)  Melissa McCarthy.  She's versatile, funny, creative, and ballsy.

5)  Lady Gaga.  Incredible talent.

6)  Stephen King.  Not only is he a master storyteller but he's a master of Twitter.

7)  Aziz Ansari had my favorite bit on Parks & Recreation with the "Treat Yo'Self" episode.

8)  Robert Downey Jr. --he can do it all.  What a life.

9)  Meryl Streep is a goddess among us.

10) George Clooney.  George. Clooney.

I would be friends with them.

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The Gal Herself said...

I recently saw Kathy Bates again in both Misery and Titanic and she is terrific.

Haven't you heard? Tom Hanks does unspeakable things! Why, Kwiz, it's as though you aren't plugged into QAnon!

I love Melissa McCarthy's new travel commercials.

My friend Kevin ran into Meryl Streep at a men's store in New York. No one but him recognized her. She gave him a look of acknowledgement that also said, "Don't blow this moment of anonymity for me." All that with a look! He was so impressed.