I am...

Reading Murder In An Irish Village by Carlene O'Connor

Listening to:  Solo by Jill Mansell--for as many of her books as I've read this is my first audio.

Loving:  the tulips I bought over the weekend look so springy!

Thinking:  I'm trying to organize the next few days--seems like a lot is going on.

Feeling:  I think I may have yet another cold.

Celebrating:  yanno--I have nothing to celebrate right now.

Grateful for:  being able to help my parents.  Today I showed them how to Covid test (at home).  

Weather:  it is 37° and cloudy

Enjoying:  Hershey's Eggs on the recommendation of both my Virginia and Pennsylvania sisters

A quote I want to share: this might find its way into my daily vocabulary

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The Gal Herself said...

Feel better! Otherwise you can't fully enjoy your Hershey's Eggs.