ten things tuesday

Ten things I should do but don't:

1)  Put my clean dishes away.  Instead, I leave them on the drying rack and use them repeatedly.

2)  Weekly facial masks.

3)  Declutter.  It's overwhelming and stuff I don't need.  But I can't part with it.

4)  Exercise.  Take the stairs at work.

5)  Cook regularly.  I love leftovers.  There's really no reason why I don't cook more often.

6)  Journal.  I used to be much better at recording the incidental things that happened in my days.  I got out of the habit.

7)  Send actual snail mail letters to my friends.

8)  Plan a road trip.  I mean, I've got the start of one coming up.

9)  Eat more fruit.  Especially in winter.

10)  Organize my car--from shopping bags all over the back seat to a trunk full of odds and ends.  It needs organizing.

1 comment:

The Gal Herself said...

#1 -- Why? I wash/reuse my dishes all the time without putting them away and I think that's just reasonable. Is House Beautiful photographing your kitchen? No. So do what works for you.

#3 -- ME, TOO!

#7 -- People appreciate that.

#10 -- It's really a subset of #3, isn't it? Maybe if you accomplish that, you'll be spurred to make progress on #3. A body in motion stays in motion, and all that. (Of course, this is a case of "Yenta, heal thyself!" You have no reason to take me seriously on this point.)