saturday 9

My Funny Valentine

1) In this song, Frank sings that his lover is his favorite work of art. Tell us about a piece of artwork you can see from where you're sitting now. (Yes, that crayon drawing by your 5-year-old nephew counts.) I see a candid sister photo where we were goofing off at a photo shoot--I can hear us laughing

2) He asks her to not change her hair. When will you next find yourself in the stylist's chair? Valentine's Day at 4 pm

3) Sinatra is often photographed in hats because he began losing his hair while in his 30s. He wore "a rug" for TV, concert and film appearances but really didn't like it, considering the toupee merely part of his work attire. What do you wear when you wish to appear professional? accessories--necklaces or scarves

4) Sinatra is best known for his singing and won an Oscar for his acting. But not many people know he liked to paint until he widow sold his paintings at auction. Do you have a secret talent? no--I think most people know I knit
5) As a kid, he was a paperboy in his hometown of Hoboken, NJ.  Tell us about one of your early jobs.  The summer before I was a freshman in high school, I was a nanny for some neighbors--4 days per week from 8-6 including taking the boys to their summer lessons as well as light housekeeping and meal prep
This is the last Saturday  9 before Valentine's Day and so this morning we shall focus on the upcoming holiday. 

6) The holiday is also known as The Feast of St. Valentine. Do you have a special meal planned for Tuesday? I do not

7) The phrase "wear your heart on your sleeve" began in medieval times. On Valentine's Day, men would celebrate the holiday by displaying their lady love's name on their sleeves. If you were going to adopt this custom, whose name would you wear? George 😍

8) Women buy and send more Valentines than men do. Who received the last greeting card you sent? unfortunately, it was a sympathy card for my colleague that lost his battle with cancer
9) Sweethearts, those candy hearts with sayings like "BE MINE" stamped on them, began as throat lozenges. Are you fan of these little candies? occasionally


The Gal Herself said...

I love it that you were a nanny. So much more professional -- and with greater responsibilities -- than "sitter." I bet it looked great on your college applications and resume.

Lori said...

I am so sorry about your colleague. How very sad. Loved your answers! Happy Valentine's Day! Have a nice weekend. ♥


CountryDew said...

I love that you added what you "hear" when you look at that photo. Exquisite!

songbird's crazy world said...

So sorry about your colleague

Susan said...

That Nanny job sounded like a full-time job! Sorry about your friend. Happy Valentine's!