friday 5


  1. When did you recently pass the baton to someone? I released information to my students and let them do classwork on their time
  2. What do you wish you never fiddled with? I'm learning a new technique for attaching poms to hats and it will take me a few tries to get it right
  3. What do you plan to reed in the near future? I am not sure
  4. How’s the weather in your neck of the woods? it's not too cold, currently 27 but it's snowing quite heavily
  5. What have you lately been nuts about? the Apple TV show Shrinking


onebadscrivener said...

Shrinking is so good. It seems there are a lot of popular shows where everyone is bad and you can't really root for anyone. Here's a show where everyone's good (except the one guy, but he's not really in the show) and you root for them all. And I loved this week's episode.

**Syl said...

Never seen Shrinking.

If you need help to attach poms, let me know.
Doing it a few times will certainly help.

Enjoy your week!