ten things tuesday

Ten things I'm looking forward to this holiday season:

1)  Mailing my packages next week!  My sister gifts are ready to go!

2)  I got some decorative boxes for my holiday wrapping this year--I'm going to tie fancy bows!

3)  I signed up for Secret Santa at school.  I hope I get a good one!  I love gifting little things.

4)  Vacation.

5)  Spending the holiday with my family.  I've missed out for the past couple of years due to Covid and surgery.

6)  Watching my favorite holiday movies:  Elf, Christmas in Connecticut, both Miracle on 34th Streets, and some schmaltzy ones on TV.

7)  Finishing my dishcloth knitting--to tuck into gift bags and boxes!

8)  My ceramic tree!

9)  Holiday books!

10)  My annual Room 210 Christmas Coloring Contest!  I already started hyping it with my students.

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The Gal Herself said...

I know when I watch Christmas in Connecticut, I'm supposed to be envious of Elizabeth Lane for having two handsome men wanting to marry her. But really, I'm jealous of her for having Felix around all the time.