ten things tuesday

Ten things about this week:

1)  My nephew is getting married Sunday.  They thoughtfully chose this holiday weekend so that friends and family would be able to attend.  They also thoughtfully chose the location so that the groom's grandparents would be able to attend (it is unlikely that his paternal grandmother would have been able to make the trip to Southern Maine).  We're going to have a wonderful family celebration of love!

2)  I have truly enjoyed the delightful days I've been on vacation.

3)  I spent only two hours at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles yesterday to renew my license and get my Real ID.

4)  I took a small road trip to scout out some scenic views to enjoy with my Pennsylvania sister--she hasn't been in Maine for foliage season in about 30 years.  

5)  I get to visit with my Hair Goddess tomorrow!  Always a wonderful time.  She is my longest relationship:  I started going to her salon in 1991. 

6)  Stephen King is one of my favorite authors.  I've read almost everything he's written.  Currently, I am listening to the 24-hour-long latest book Fairy Tale.  It's wonderful.  I don't typically enjoy fantasy, but this is so masterfully written I barely realize it's fantasy.  I will have a massive book hangover.

7)  My Virginia sister and brother-in-love will be here Friday!

8)  My Oklahoma niece will also be here Friday!  Squeeeee!

9)  Today is such a lovely day:  sunny, warm-ish, and no wind.  I might have to go to the park.

10)  Although I should do my laundry.


Stacy said...

It sounds like you have been having a wonderful time off and that it will continue with all the company coming. Enjoy!

CountryDew said...

Ohh, a big deal! Sounds like good times ahead!