october 4

Day 4: What are your favorite fall scents?

There are a couple of seasonal candles that I particularly enjoy:  Yankee Candle's Autumn Wreath is one of the few candles I will actually burn.  I also have that scent as a car freshener.  Another YC scent I like is Autumn Leaves.  I discovered Autumn Leaves when I forgot that Autumn WREATH is the one I like and picked up the wrong one in error.  Where the wreath scent has fruity undertones the leaves scent has more earthy undertones.

I like walking on the paths at the local park.  They wind through the woods and the scent of the earth and the fallen leaves, the trees, and the air make me happy.

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fredamans said...

My favorite scent is Apple Spice. I love it this time of year like others like Pumpkin Spice.