october 3

Day 3:  Write the beginning of a scary story and let blog readers decide what happens next.

She knew it was too late for the bus and that only the creepy Uber drivers were out now, but she wondered how she would get there.  She swiped at the perspiration on her forehead forgetting that she was smearing blood along her hairline.  There was just so much blood.  Blood, blood, blood.  Thankfully she was wearing mostly black clothing.

Ok Blog readers--what happens? 

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CountryDew said...

She couldn't believe that Daryl had left her alone after the weird things that happened while they were robbing that house. He had ran out the front door at the first squeaking sound of floorboards. But she had stayed behind to check it out. She had crept along until she reached the stairs. Her foot hit the first step, and then she heard a noise. Somewhere, a banjo played Deliverance, and she turned to flee too. She had run right into a man in a mask. He had a knife - and the knife had connected before she could get around him and out of that scary place.