sunday stealing

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Staying Up Late

  1. Do you have any Pepto-Bismol in your house? I have never taken Pepto-Bismol, no I don't have any
  2. Do you have a favorite flavor of vodka? no
  3. Is your backyard big enough to fit a trampoline? no
  4. When was the last time you had eggs? a couple of weeks ago
  5. How often do you blow dry your hair, and what color is your blow dryer? I do not blow dry very often but I have an awesome purple blow dryer
  6. Have you ever gone to bed later than three AM? yes
  7. Have you been to a surprise party before? yes
  8. What is your least favorite month? February or March when winter drags on relentlessly
  9. Have you ever gone to see a movie the day it came out? yes
  10. Do you like movies/books about drugs, and why or why not? not especially
  11. Do you have scrap paper by your computer desk? yes
  12. Have you ever kept a bag from a store because you liked it? yes
  13. Was the last thing you drank carbonated? diet Polar brand orange dry 
  14. Do you own any yellow clothing? maybe some yellow accent color but nothing specifically yellow--it's not a good color on me
  15. Last person you argued with? hmmm... we were discussing "the best day for your birthday to fall on" and it was a lighthearted argument with a class of teenageers


Lori said...

Where are you all getting your purple hair dryers? That sounds so pretty! Mine is teal and it is really pretty too.
Yes, I had covid week before last and I was so sick. The stomach flu is going through the school now. I haven't had that one yet. The sickness is a lot right now.
They are hoping my new classroom will be done around March, but we will see. Hopefully next school year for sure. Loved your answers! Have a nice weekend.


Roger Owen Green said...

March is my birth month, so it could NEVER be my worst month! February, on the other hand...

CountryDew said...

I'm starting to think a bottle of Pepto Bismal in the cabinet is a southern thing.

Stacy said...

I'm not a fan of January thru March for the same reason. Blech.