saturday 9


In And Out Of Love

1) In this song, Diana Ross is disappointed that she hasn't yet found lasting love. Do you think you can fall out of love? Or do you believe that if you fell out of love, it wasn't true love to begin with? yes, I think you can fall out of love--I think love is cyclical 

2) When is the last time you literally fell, tripped, or stumbled? Wednesday after school I stumbled
3) This record was a hit with American Bandstand viewers. For weeks it was voted the song they most wanted to dance to. Did you watch American Bandstand? yes!
4) This is one of the last Supremes songs that featured the most successful hit-making line-up: Diana Ross, Mary Wilson, and Florence Ballard. Florence's great-nephew, Christian Ballard, was a football star at University of Iowa and briefly played pro ball for the Vikings. The 2022-23 NFL season just kicked off. What team do you root for? by default--the Patriots
5) Mary had a connection to sports, too. She donated her time and talent to raising money for Figure Skaters of Harlem, an organization that helps young people train for the Winter Olympics.Tell us about a charity you support. I am currently reading for a cause: The Trevor Project

6) There's a children's playground in New York's Central Park named for the last surviving member of this trio, Diana Ross. It has swings, slides, a rope bridge, and a fountain that kids are welcome to splash in. If you were suddenly little again, which would you play on first? swings
7) Diana owns an estate in Greenwich, CT, with lush gardens, a tennis court, and a pool. While the grounds are spectacular, she maintains the house itself is "nothing special" because the kitchen hasn't been renovated in more than three decades. Could your kitchen benefit from a makeover? Or are you fine with it as it is? I would love to have a kitchen makeover
8) In 1967, when this song was popular, the best-selling camera was The Polaroid Swinger. When did you most recently take a photo? What was it of? I took a photo of the rental car I'm driving
9) Random question: Come clean! Are there dirty dishes in your sink right now? there are no dirty dishes in my sink right now, but after I finish my drink there will be a tumbler


Diana_CT said...

#8 A good idea! Before and after photos. A rental car company tried to charge me for a scratch on the rental.

The Gal Herself said...

The Trevor Project sounds terrific. Since you're a reading machine, it's such a perfect pairing of girl and fundraiser!

CountryDew said...

#8 is a great idea. I shall have to remember that one. I hope nothing is seriously wrong with your vehicle.

Jodi said...

I need to remember to take before and after pics of the rental car next month! Have a great weekend!

zippiknits...sometimes said...

So glad you didn't fall.

Every little girl who lives inside us all seems to have loved the swings. One nice thing that my OUF did was to make a swing for his kids nearly everywhere we lived. My mother still liked to swing with us, too.

Have a lovely week, my reader/knitter friend.