sunday stealing

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1. Best movie you saw during the last year. Where the Crawdads Sing
2. The most underrated movie. Philadelphia Denzel Washington and Tom Hanks are amazing
3. Favorite love story in a movie. An Affair to Remember (the original)
4. The most surprising plot twist or ending. The Usual Suspects
5. A movie that makes you really happy. The Princess Bride
6. A movie that makes you sad. Phenomenon 
7. Favorite made for TV movie. Dinky Hocker Shoots Smack
8. A movie you’ve seen countless times. Under the Tuscan Sun
9. A movie with the best soundtrack. The Big Chill
10. Favorite classic movie. The Maltese Falcon
11. A movie that you hate.  Most slasher films that are just gory effects
12. A movie that changed your opinion about something. Elf made me appreciate Will Farrell
13. A character you can relate to the most.  Alex Juel in Teachers reimagined as me
14. A movie that is a guilty pleasure. Mama Mia
15. Favorite movie based on a book/comic. The Color Purple
16. A movie that disappointed you the most. the new Star Wars movies
17. A movie from your favorite actor/actress. It's Complicated I adore Meryl Streep
18. Favorite movie from your favorite director. Ocean's Eleven Steven Soderbergh is one of my favorites

19. Favorite action movie.  
Running Scared
20. A movie you wish more people would have seen. Dead Again

21. Favorite documentary. This is Spinal Tap 😁
22. Favorite animation. I'm going with the Muppet Movie
23. Most hilarious movie you’ve ever seen. Revenge of the Nerds
24. A movie that you wish you had seen in the theater. Singing in the Rain
25. Your favorite movie of all time. City of Angels


Roger Owen Green said...

I have never seen ELF! I feel that, in honor of Caan, I should. Spinal Tap, Singin' In the Rain, and Under The Tuscan Sun are all fine choices.

CountryDew said...

I forgot about Mama Mia! I enjoy that movie whenever I see it.

Plastic Mancunian said...

This is Spinal Tap is brilliant:

This one goes to 11!

I saw Revenge of the Nerds many decades ago. I've competely forgotten it!