saturday 9

Blue Collar Man

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) In this week's song, we hear a job equated with security. Tell us something that gives you a sense of security.  being home

2) Lead singer Tommy Shaw hopes someone will make him an offer he can't refuse. That's a reference to a famous movie quote. Without looking it up, can you name the film? The Godfather

3) Shaw recalls that this song was inspired by a friend of his, a blue collar worker who had been laid off and was frustrated by the process of job hunting. His friend wanted to work, not fill out forms and job applications and wait days for a response! Do you quickly become impatient? I'm usually quite patient, although I am not patient with myself

4) The name "Styx" wasn't the top choice of anyone in the band. As founding member Denis DeYoung recalled, "It was the only name none of us hated." Tell us about a recent compromise you made (which TV show to watch, toppings on your pizza, etc.). choosing a time to leave for today's road trip--and deciding whose vehicle to take (leaving at 6:30am and not taking my car)

5) Labor Day was introduced to celebrate the achievements of the American worker. How many different employers have you had? I won't count all the babysitting jobs I've had (because I won't remember them all) but I've had 10 employers, some of them simultaneously

6) The first Waffle House was opened on Labor Day, 1955. What's your preference: waffles or pancakes? pancakes
7) Labor Day mattress sales are a big business. Experts tells us we can expect to spend $1,000 for a good-quality queen-sized mattress. Will you be buying a new one -- or perhaps making another big ticket purchase for your home -- before year end? no, I will not

8) Will you be attending a Labor Day picnic or barbecue? possibly

9) Labor Day is the unofficial start of fall. Have you had any pumpkin spice yet? I have tried the Blood Orange Cranberry refresher and Nutty Pumpkin iced coffee from Dunkin' but I was more curious than driven by a love of pumpkin spice


Susan said...

That nutty iced pumpkin sounds good to me!

M A R T H A said...

I think everyone finds a sense of security in being home. Have a great weekend 😀

The Gal Herself said...

I imagine you would have preferred to go in your own car. Here's hoping your road trip is terrific!

Cathy said...

I didn't think of it, but being home does bring a sense of security. Good answer.

Diana_CT said...

#9 I'm a creature of habit, I order the same thing every time at Dunkin

Stacy said...

Ooo...I like blood oranges. I'm going to have to check out that refresher. I hope you went somewhere fun on your roadtrip!

CountryDew said...

Have a great road trip! Hope you're going someplace fun!

Lori said...

I love being home too! That is a great answer! Have a nice road trip! Loved your answers. Have a nice weekend.