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If only people behaved as well as Tara and her other four-footed friends!  Andy Carpenter would be blissed out!  There wasn't as much courtroom banter but there was a lot of investigation action.  The usual crew is together again--I wish I was part of it.

From the publisher:
Reluctant New Jersey lawyer Andy Carpenter doesn’t call many people friend. So when one comes to him for help, he’s more than willing to listen, and do what he can. Beth reunites lost dogs with their owners. Over the years, she’s helped Andy reunite countless dogs from the Tara Foundation—the dog-rescue foundation that’s Andy’s true passion—with their owners.

A particular case is weighing on Beth. Months of searching for a stray’s owner led to a gruesome discovery: the owner had been murdered. Andy is happy to help, of course the Tara Foundation will find the stray a new home. But that’s not why Beth is there . . . the “murdered” owner contacted Beth, and he wants his dog back.

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