saturday 9



Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here. 

1) In this song, Martina McBride asks what would happen if the sun refused to shine. How are the skies today where you are? it is 44° but cloudy and dreary

2) She sings of a dream she's had 1,000 times before. Have you ever had a recurring dream? yes--when I was in college I dreamed of The Far Side cows in cars

3) Martina has published two cookbooks and appears on The Food Network. Two favorite recipes are for peanut butter desserts: peanut butter/chocolate cookies and peanut butter/butterscotch squares. Is there peanut butter in your kitchen right now? yes, I picked up some organic, low-sugar, natural peanut butter today

4) Before she was famous, Martina sold t-shirts at Garth Brooks' concerts. Her husband worked on Garth's sound crew and she pitched in. Do you have any concert t-shirts? I do not

5) Martina headlined a gala at Ford's Theater in Washington, DC. As our nation's capitol, Washington has many buildings of historic significance. If we were to visit your hometown, what landmarks would you direct us to? uhm... well, I don't know, it depends on the time of year

Since this is the Saturday 9 before Valentine's Day, we've got some questions inspired by the holiday.

6) Hearts are the symbol of Valentine's Day, so here's a little heart trivia: whales have largest heart of any animal. When we say a person is "big hearted," it means we think of them as generous. Think about the people in your life. Who would you describe as big hearted?
my bestie

7) It's estimated that 9 million people buy Valentine's Day presents for their dogs and cats. Have you ever purchased a holiday gift for a pet? I have

8) Valentines to teachers are also big sellers. Did you ever have a crush on one of your instructors? my Gaelic professor, when I studied in Ireland, was handsome

9) With the popularity of e-cards, fewer Valentine messages are sent via the USPS. What's the most recent thing you dropped into a mailbox? I sent my Virginia sister a package yesterday if that counts


Diana_CT said...

#1 We got to 61 today but snow tomorrow high around freezing.

The Gal Herself said...

I think it would be lovely to have the Far Side Cows appear in a dream!

CountryDew said...

The package counts! An Irish professor. Just the sound of that makes one swoon.