blog everyday 12

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12. Destinations you dream of traveling to.

I will get back to Ireland.  That's a must.  I'd love to visit Italy, especially with my Virginia sister and brother-in-law since they lived near Venice and have an itinerary for when eventually get back there.  I'd also like to go to Quebec City again, I love the Old City--there's so much to do!  Stateside, I'd like to visit Washington, DC again--it's changed so much since I was there. I'd love to go to a spa and be pampered.  


fredamans said...

I also chose Italy! Quebec City is an old world charm in Canada!! Been there a few times in my life. I only live about 6 hrs drive from it. The other destinations I chose were France, UK, Greece, Egypt, Africa and Bali.

The Gal Herself said...

Once, when I came close to matrimony, the groom's father enthusiastically promised to send us to Quebec City for our honeymoon. I'd never thought of it before he mentioned it, but now I think of it as a romantic destination.

I've heard wonderful things about the spa at the Mandarin Oriental in DC (in case you want a twin spin).