saturday 9

I'm heading out of town this weekend so I'm posting this early. 

Lady of Spain

1) The lyrics refer to serenading "caballeros," which is Spanish for "gentlemen." Can you say anything to us in Spanish this morning? ¿Hola, cómo estás?
2) Eddie Fisher sings that he's loved this lady since he first saw her. Do you believe in love at first sight? no
3) He was drafted and served a year in Korea. Then he spent the rest of his active duty period as vocalist for the Army Band, performing on military bases. (He was still technically PFC Edwin Fisher when he recorded this.) Did you ever play with a band? If so, what instrument? I fooled around playing tambourine in a pick up band

4) From 1953 to 1957, Eddie hosted Coke Time, a TV variety show sponsored by Coca Cola. What's your soft drink of choice? Polar Orange Dry

5) Though Coke Time is mostly forgotten today, Eddie was nominated for two Emmy Awards and won a Golden Globe for his work on the show. Have you ever taken home a trophy? not really

6) Today Eddie Fisher may be best known as the father of Carrie Fisher. She made more than 50 movies and wrote 8 books. Are you more familiar with her as an actress or author? I've enjoyed both her movies and her books

7) In 1952, when this song was popular, hamburger meat sold for just 53¢/lb. Is there any beef in your refrigerator right now? there is but it sure wasn't 

8) Also in 1952, Mr. Potato Head became the first toy to be advertised on TV. What recent TV commercial comes to mind? none do, I fast forward through commercials and I don't watch live TV

9) Random question: If you could live within any TV show ever, which would you choose? oooh--good question!  Either one of the Friends or on Seinfeld


The Gal Herself said...

You played tambourine? That's so cool. I always loved how Davy looked, playing tambourine and maracas on The Monkees.

I have Friends on right now as I write this. (Nickelodeon.) One of my favorite episodes. Joey and Chandler are fighting over the chair in Monica's apartment. Joey comes in and says, "Look at me! I'm Chandler! Could I be wearing any more clothes?"

Susan said...

I fast forward through most commercials. Sometimes I am crafting while I was tv and I will let the commercial play while I craft. Nice that you can play the tambourine.

Stacy said...

Friends would be a pretty cool show to be stuck in. They only had normal problems and issues. Well, mostly. I chose Happy Days because the only problems they ever had were sort of ridiculous and how fun would it be to hang out at Arnold's with the Fonz? lol Yes, meat prices are ridiculous. I love to throw a chuck roast in the crockpot, but the last time I looked a 2.5 lb roast was nearly $30!

Diana_CT said...

#3 A girl friend played tambourine in the folk band at church.
#9 I'll pick Seinfeld over Friends. I never got into Friends but I watch Seinfeld regularly.

Me, Myself, and I said...

Polar Orange Dry? Is that like a "local" soda. Never heard of it, but it sounds tasty!

Lori said...

Your soda sounds good. I have not heard of it. Loved your answers! Have a nice weekend.


Bev Sykes said...

I cooked a prime standing rib roast for Christmas two years ago and it cost me over $100. I haven't cooked it again!

CountryDew said...

I forgot about tambourine. I don't have one but used to play one. Cool that you did that. We all have our other lives, don't we.

Cat. said...

Whenever I watch TV at home, I always start at least 15 minutes after the actual time, and speed through the ads. DVR ftw. :)