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5. What do you need to be content?

The older I get the more I'm content with being in the present moment.  Even when times are tough or shitty, I find that when I bring myself to the big picture of the overall moment I have everything I need.  And that makes me content.  I'm safe and healthy, my loved ones are safe and healthy, I have an apartment I love, a career that fulfills me, and wonderful friends.


The Gal Herself said...

This is very wise. Covid has messed me up a bit in that I WAS careful and caught it anyway. (In 2020, before the vaccine, when it was fatal.) It shook my illusion of control. Consequently I'm more frightened now than I was before the pandemic. But I need to slow down and focus on the moment, like you do. Not what could now happen, but what it is now. Good thinking, Ms. Kwiz!

fredamans said...

I said as long as I have books, I'm content with life.