saturday 9


Black Velvet

1) This song was chosen because yesterday was Black Friday, the traditional day of sales. Have you begun your Christmas shopping? I am almost done--however, I have to actually mail the packages and I drag my feet doing that (I don't know why but I always do)

2)  Was there an adult beverage served with your Thanksgiving feast? there was not
3) Did any pets enjoy scraps from your Thanksgiving table? no pets, sadly

4) Are there any Thanksgiving leftovers in your refrigerator right now? yes--I have one serving left

5) Football is a popular Thanksgiving weekend pastime. Will you be watching any games over the next few days? If yes, which team(s) are you rooting for?
no and the Patriots

6) This week's song is by Canadian Alannah Myles. She was born Alannah Byles (with a B), but changed her name to differentiate herself from her father. He was influential in Canadian broadcasting and she didn't want to be accused of riding his coattails. Have you ever received a professional leg up from a relative? there was a teacher at my school who once said to my face that the only reason I got my job was that my father was the director of the performing arts center (never mind my academic background was perfect for the job)

7) In Canada, Thanksgiving is celebrated on the second Monday in October. Instead of pumpkin pie, Canadians traditionally enjoy butter tarts for dessert. What dessert was on your Thanksgiving menu? I didn't have anything--but later, when I went to my dad's, I had slivers of pecan and apple pies

8) "Black Velvet" is a tribute to Elvis. Songwriter Christopher Ward said he was inspired by a trip to Memphis, long after Elvis' death, where he spoke to The King's fans and was touched by how much they still loved their favorite singer. Who is your favorite singer? kd lang, Linda Ronstadt, Lady Gaga, Luther Vandross, Freddie Mercury, Pentatonix (all of them are fantastic), Wynona, Trisha Yearwood, Faith Hill--holy moly there are too many to list!

9) Share a memory from Thanksgiving 2020. My gallbladder decided to erupt and I spent the next two weeks in appointments for its inevitable removal.


CountryDew said...

Gallbladders always pick horrible times to go bad.

There are far too many good musicians out there to simply pick one. I agree with you entirely on that.

Lori said...

Yes, my dad was a favorite teacher also. My situation was I went away to college and did not decide to teach right away. I got that certification later. I also was in a different district for about 10 years. When I went back to my current school, my dad had been retired for a while and many of the school personnel were newer. It worked out that I was able to go in and interview and the administrators did not know me. Many employees did, but they did not know I was interviewing. It all worked out and I was able to prove myself on my own merit. Surely your school has figured out you are the perfect person for your job by now. It is frustrating though. I am glad you for to be with your dad on Thanksgiving. I would give anything to be with mine. Loved your answers! Have a nice weekend.


Stacy said...

CountryDew is right about gallbladders and their timing. My mom's flared on Christmas Day 1993, which was already a hard day because it was the first Christmas following my dad's October death and Tim's entire, ginormous family was together for the first time in years. Mine chose to go right before Tim left on a mission trip to Haiti. I came home from surgery at 6:00 in the evening and he left at 4:00 the following morning! The kids were still pretty young and I wasn't supposed to drive, but I did. I always forget about k.d.lang for some reason, but she would be in my top 10 favorite singers.

The Gal Herself said...

#6 -- Well doesn't that just suck! Why would that teacher be so hurtful? BOOO!

Diana_CT said...

#8 I saw the Lady Gaga, Tony Bennett special last night and I loved it.