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This book is so much fun!  The dual narrative perspectives work perfectly in telling Chuck and Kate's take on the events and each other.  There are some funny moments--especially the getaway at the end!  There are some eye-rolling moments, too--especially how pushy the parents are.  But it's a fun, fast story.  A classic rom-com with holiday flair.  

From the publisher:
There are two types of relationships: fake and real.

Chuck and Kate’s used to be real, oh-so-real. But after she broke his heart four months ago, leaving him, it became all just pretense for the sake of their entwined families.

With parents who are best friends and business partners, it’s not easy for Chuck and Kate to announce they’ve split up. But with the holidays looming over them, they can no longer keep pretending.

They head home for Christmas, determined to tell the truth—and end up accidentally engaged instead. The more they try to pull apart, the more the Universe seems to push them back together, shortening the road to the altar. And when just-for-show kisses stir up forgotten feelings, things get even more complicated.

Now, with the midnight hour approaching, will Chuck and Kate’s relationship turn out to be fake or real?

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Adding to my TBR! Thanks for the recommendation.